Iím Dave Clarke and Iím lucky enough to enjoy life as a professional cyclist and have been doing so for 15 years. Iíve ridden some of the biggest races in the world for some great teams including Endura, Node4, Pinarello and Baku Cycling Project. 

I have come 6th on four occasions in the National Road Race Championships, 3 bronze and 2 silver medals in the National Hill Climb Championships and have been the winner of many races around the world throughout my cycling career. 

This is no game we play for keeps, itís so important to keep my body in the best shape it can be. With an average of around 20,000 miles a year, it takes a toll on my body and over the years, Iíve broken my back, hand, fingers, thumbs and ruptured discs! Iíve also had many muscle strains, rips and tears. 

Iíve been seeing Paolo for 3 years and heís always been on hand to help work through any problems with me, when others havenít always been able to. At times Iíve questioned  whether I can recover from some of the injuries Iíve had but Paolo always seems to be able to get me back on my feet. I know that heís also helped many other people that I have recommended. Most important for me is that with Paolo I always feel that heís got my interest at heart, nothing is too much trouble for him, you never feel like heís rushing onto his next appointment and when Iíve got a problem I know heíll always try and fit me in even at short notice! 

A little man with a big heart and heís very good too!

Dave Clarke, Professional Cyclist.


I have known Paolo for over 20 years, since his coxing days at Circolo Canottieri Napoli Italy, where we raced in the same crew. I saw him develop from a cox to a rowing coach and have watched him study to reach his goal of becoming a qualified Osteopath.

As a Manual Therapist and Osteopath, Paolo has always managed to fix me when I have been injured. I used him just before big races and also during the winter training season. Paolo has got a good understanding of what professional sportspeople need and he always finds time for his patients.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone, in particular to other rowers or those involved in sport at any level from amateur to elite.

Mario Palmisano
Heavyweight World Rowing Champion and Olympian

ďsuccess is the result of great patience as well as the collaboration of various professionalsíí


I have now had several treatments by Paolo and I am always impressed with the methodical and professional approach to his work whilst at the same time creating a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere in the treatment room.
Paolo gives excellent advice on posture and how to combat the reoccurring back pain I have had recently, and have found his treatment and recommendations to be more effective than other treatments I have received in the past.
I thoroughly recommend anyone needing osteopathic treatment to pay Paolo a visit.

Eddie S.
Web Programmer


I am Christian Aucote, an elite cyclist who has just started having a go at adventure racing where running is needed.

As I have spent many hours a week for many years pretty fixed into one position on my bike my body responded badly to trying to do something new that it was not used to!

My first adventure race this year I got 3rd in because my legs would not move freely whilst running and I could barely run faster than walking pace. I started working with Paolo shortly after that race and even after the first visit I could really tell a big difference in my leg movement. That week I took 2 minutes off my training run time and after another 3 visits won my next adventure race by a considerable margin and took 10 minutes off each of the two 5km runs in the race. What a difference!!!

I would recommend Paolo to anyone who is thinking of visiting an osteopath and I would be sure they would benefit from his vast knowledge and expertise.

Christian Aucote - Elite Cyclist




I had been suffering lower back pain for several months when a friend recommended Paolo Iorio. Getting out of the car, standing up and getting out of bed had all become painful for me; I had assumed that this was part of being in my forties and that I would have to learn to live with it. Not so, after a couple of sessions with Paolo I was already feeling the benefits of his advice and treatment. A few more sessions and I no longer have the back pain and feel that if there is ever a slight return then Paolo has equipped me with the knowledge to deal with it.




Paolo is a leader in his field and it is brilliant to have such a resource locally. I have full confidence in Paolo and he has been able to resolve every injury I have presented him with as well as advising new approaches to training and racing to avoid similar injuries.
Nothing feels like too much trouble for Paolo, you never get the feeling you are being rushed through an appointment and he will allow plenty of time to complete a treatment. He has always been open and honest about the likely number of treatments required to resolve an injury and, if anything, he has estimated a higher number than required.
I was injured 2 months before my A race last year and Paolo was crucial in getting me to the start line and putting me back together again afterwards. I have never had so much confidence in any other practitioner and I regret that my caution in trying new physicians and treatments meant I did not take the opportunity to see Paolo sooner.

JC, Burton-on-Trent



Dave Clarke



Photo by Mimmo Perna

Photos by Mimmo Perna

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